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Lomanco ENERGO – an automatic roof ventilation

Lomanco ENERGO system retains its original function – ventilation of roofs, roofs decks, attics and interiors and at the same time it can guarantee minimum performance that is required by the user. This ventilation system now not only depends on a single source, wind power, but can also be driven by electricity.
Ventilation turbine LOMANCO BIB14, the most powerful Lomanco turbine is supplemented by an additional electric ventilator with a gearbox that can help with the turbine rotation during adverse weather conditions. Auxiliary motor has overload protection and slow start, so there is no damage to the frequent switching. In the absence of wind energy to rotate the turbine the control unit of Lomanco ENERGO system will choose electricity as a source of power. The drive system is fitted with a one-way bearing (freewheel clutch) to ensure that in the case of extremely strong wind there is no engine and gearbox damage.


  • If you want to control the performance,  you can use the variable gearbox  to guarantee minimum rotation of the turbine.
  • If you want to ventilate depending on the temperature, install a thermal sensor that ensures temperature exactly as you require.
  • If you want to ventilate depending on moisture, install a moisture sensor that ensures moisture exactly as you want.
  • If you want to watch minimum performance of the turbines, install the speed sensor, which guarantees performance according to your personal settings even if there are not suitable weather conditions.

Hybrid ventilation turbine ENERGO is equipped with an intelligent control unit and revolution sensor. Switching is either manual or electronic (instruction from control unit).
The final price depends on required accessories.

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