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Chimney Cowls

Rotary Chimney Cowls

Chimney cowls are designed to stabilize and increase chimney draught in ventilation and smoke ducts. They are to be mounted on gravitation based ventilation chimney duct endings.

Chimney cowls are mounted on the top of chimney ducts. Their purpose is to prevent the chimney from downwind, rainwater, ice buildup and bird nesting, but most of all they are designed to generate chimney draught using force of the wind.

Chimney cowls are available in two versions, the one with flat square base is suitable for flat chimneys, while the inlet pipe version is easy to install on existing chimney tubes.



The technology
Our goal is to make our product suit Your needs in the most comprehensive way, that is why every detail is well thought over. The technique, research and development crew is working hard to improve the products, their functioning parameters as well as producing technologies. Our highly qualified and professional research and development staff works with the usage of 3D CAD software. Innovation is the company’s priority - every year at least one new products line is being launched. All new products, before their launch on the market, are tested in the factory and in the laboratories of University of Technology in Rzeszow. Sometimes these tests may take 2 or 3 years. All products have valid certificates or are CE marked. Most of the specialised solutions are patented and the trademarks copyrighted.

The production
DARCO has always been trying to manufacture products of absolutely highest quality, which requires well skilled personnel, high quality materials and efficient machine park. Luckily, Darco has it all.... The wide range of production involves the usage of different kinds of materials, including: galvanised steel, cold rolled steel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper and brass, all these matching highest standards, which are always proved with appropriate certificates. The manufacturing and warehousing is run on over 8 000 square metres of production area in two factories located in southern Poland. The production includes a wide variety of processes: precision cutting is made with CNC cut to length machinery, laser cutting machines, CNC shears and turret punch brakes; bending: on CNC press brakes, bending rolls etc.; final precision treatment is made on especially for us (and sometimes by ourselves) built appliances. The machine park includes also CNC welding equipment, CNC lathes, robotized cell, powder coating line and many others. No machine can sometimes substitute human skills ... at Darco, there are many well trained craftsmen, with skill and experience, making every, even non - typical production possible, assuring high quality and aesthetical looks. The company’s high quality is proved with a ISO 9001:2000 certificate.

  Name Cat. No. Category
Turbowent Tulipan 10,33 Rotary Chimney Cowls
Turbowent podstawa B
Turbowent Ø150 - Ø300 inlet pipe 10,13 10,14 10,16 10,15 Rotary Chimney Cowls
Turbowent Maxi
Turbowent Maxi Ø400 - Ø 500 10,79 10,99 Rotary Chimney Cowls
Turbowent  podstawa kwadratowa otwierana
Turbowent Ø150 - Ø300 square base 10,23 10,24 10,26 10,25 Rotary Chimney Cowls


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