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Ventilation turbines Lomanco serve for ventilation of shafts, which completely ventilate bathrooms, WC, kitchen extractors etc. in apartment houses, blocks of flats and other large buildings.
Each apartment house must have a quality solution for ventilation of bathrooms, lavatories and kitchens. Ventilation is solved by ventilation shaft. Lomanco turbines substitute electric ventilators – low acquisition costs and zero operating costs secure high savings. Use of the Lomanco turbines ensures genuine draft in the shaft and it prevents blending the odours from individual apartments. We recommend to combine Lomanco turbines and small axial ventilators. To regulate the ventilation it is appropriate to use gratings that allow you to close or open the room outputs. We only recommend  the most powerfull ventilation turbines Lomanco type BIB 14 and Lomanco TIB 14! All the other types do not achieve the required parameters and do not fulfill the requirements for ventilation!

Why to use Lomanco turbines instead of central electric ventilator?
Existing system usually installed in apartment houses uses for the ventilation a central electric ventilator. The central electric ventilator is controlled from individual apartments. Vent switched on in one apartment puts forced ventilation into operation in all apartments connected to the ventilation shaft. The activation of the central ventilator is noisy and resonates to all floors. Other disadvantage is fact that the electric ventilator can be switched on at any day or night hour. Another major weaknesses are frequent failures and need for maintenance.


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