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Lomanco Turbines

Lomanco ventilation turbines effectively ventilate roofs, ventilation shafts within tower blocks, attics, stores, production plants, cellars and other spaces. The turbines remove unwanted moisture from the roof deck and significantly extends its life. For your convenience, our range includes all the accessories for installation and regulation.

   We are the Exclusive UK dealer of Lomanco Vent Turbines and accessories. All Lomanco products come with Lifetime Warranty. The warranty is transferable from original owner to subsequent owners and applies to residential use only. On all the accessories we provide standard 2 year warranty. Lomanco Turbines offer all of the essentials for energy savings and are geared toward going green. The turbine design features permanently lubricated upper and lower ball bearings that ensure long life and no maintenance. The turbine's large flashing makes installation easy even in very complicated roof. When installed properly, the turbine reduces energy bills and the likelihood of winter ice buildup. Other common features of the turbine are its rigid spider-type construction—riveted at every connection and tested to withstand winds of 110 M.P.H.,21 air-foil curved vanes with rolled edges to deflect water, and 100% rust-free all-aluminum construction...


Alu Roofing s.r.o.

Alu Roofing is a wholesale company supplying wide range of roof accessories. Our product range consists of high quality roof ventilation and chimney ventilation products, together with stainless steel flat roof drainage system and tubular daylighting system.

Alu Roofing is the exclusive importer of Lomanco wind turbines in the UK. Lomanco Turbines has been producing quality ventilation products, and only ventilation products, since 1946. Lomanco's state-of- the-art manufacturing facility, engineering lab, and testing facility are used to produce our high quality products with proven performance. You can feel secure knowing a great product is on your roof, backed by the history and integrity of Lomanco Vents. For your convenience, our range includes all the accessories for installation and regulation. All Lomanco products come with Lifetime Warranty.

Alu Roofing also supplies Darco chimney cowls. Rotary chimney cowls are designed to stabilize and increase chimney draught in ventilation and smoke ducts. They are to be mounted on gravitation based ventilation chimney duct endings. Self-adjusting chimney cowls are designed especially for smoke ducts - unique construction makes it extremely durable against temperature. The cap always places itself in the opposite direction to the wind no matter of its strength or direction. Thanks to the special, patented, rotating system with ball bearings placed outside the cap, it can withstand very high temperatures that occur when using a wood or coal burning stoves.

Each roof requires proper ventilation. Moisture resulting from adverse weather conditions must not stay in the roofing system to settle and condense. The turbines ensure an active, continuous and permanent ventilation. Especially metal roofs suffer from condensation. The turbines remove unwanted moisture from the roof deck and significantly extend its life. The turbines reduce your energy bills as they are operated by the cheapest energy source - wind. In the case that the building is air-conditioned, the turbines exhaust the most of the overheated air and they reduce energy load of the air conditioning. Turbines continuously ventilate interiors, manufacturing and storage facilities, factories and agricultural buildings e.g. cowsheds, stables etc. Regular air exchange is essential for life. Installation of Lomanco turbines ensures proper ventilation throughout the year.

Alu Roofing supplies wide range of accessories for flat roofs:

  • stainless steel drainage system - roof drains (also heated), cable guards, overflows, dome strainers…
  • ventilation turbines – sets for flat roofs, electric ventilator sets, hybrid ventilation turbine sets, splitters…
  • Sunizer Daylighting System - sets for flat roofs, round or square ceiling diffuser, 98% reflective tube material with 25 year warranty…

Premier quality Dayligting System SUNIZER brings a natural daylight exactly where you need it. Available for any standard pitched or flat roof. System features 98% reflective tube material with 25 year warranty. Wide range of accessories makes this system ideal for residential and commercial use.

Why choose ventilation turbines Lomanco?

  • Ensure proper ventilation throughout the year
  • Remove moisture - extend the life of the roof structure
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Green product - wind powered turbine
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Quick and easy installation
Flat Roof Drainage System
Stainless steel vertical roof drains can be connected to all kinds of waterproof membranes. The membrane is attached to the roof drain with a flange, which is tightened by self-locking stainless steel nuts. Roof drain piping is connected to standard drainpipes type HT and KG. Tightness of the roof construction is secured by sealing, which is installed in the downpipe. We also supply heated roof drains.

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